News Everyone with Low Back Pain Needs to Know

November 23, 2010

I founded SelfCare First a few years ago to help spread some very exciting and very important news about low back and neck pain.  I begin this new blog with the same intent: to help millions worldwide struggling with low back and neck pain recover, many of whom are frustrated by having tried numerous treatments without success.

So what is so exciting?

Most low back and neck pain is rapidly reversible. That means that the underlying painful disorder can be turned around and the pain turned off, fairly quickly, often as fast or faster than it turned on.  But for those with rapidly reversible pain, the means of reversing it differs from person to person.

And how common is rapidly reversible back or neck pain?  There are numerous studies documenting that 70-90% of acute low back pain and 50% of chronic low back pain can be rapidly reversed.  More people in pain need to know that!

So how do you know whether you have rapidly reversible back or neck pain?

To find out if your pain is rapidly reversible requires a special type of examination of your back or neck disorder. If your pain is reversible, that same assessment will also reveal the way you can reverse or recover from your own problem.  You need to be examined by someone with special training in this form of evaluation

So many are suffering unnecessarily.  If they only knew what many low back and neck pain sufferers have been fortunate to learn, what so many scientific studies have documented, and, unfortunately, what so many spine researchers, policy makers, and most doctors, even the experts, still do not appreciate.

You can read more about that examination process and rapidly reversible back and neck pain at and especially in my new book entitled: “Solving the Mystery: The Key to Rapidly Reversing Most Back and Neck Pain”.

This news will have tremendous impact on the costs of managing individuals who seek care for their back or neck pain.  In the U.S. alone, nearly $90 billion is spent each year on the problem of low back pain alone!  In future blog entries, I will be discussing the huge savings available to employers and health plans that are frustrated with paying for so much unnecessary and very expensive care.

Dr. Ron

Ronald Donelson, MD, MS

SelfCare First, LLC
See the new patient education book: “Solving The Mystery: The Key to Rapid Recoveries for Back and Neck Pain” at


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